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 Tired of wading through mountains of spam to get to your real email?

 Missing legitimate messages because there is so much spam?

 Having to use multiple mailboxes to separate the spam from the real email?

 If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we have a solution! 

SpamStopsHere is Guaranteed to Stop-Spam

SpamStopsHere is the hosted email filtering service rated #1 for Anti-Spam Accuracy. Business clients looking for the best anti-spam filtering service and anti-virus protection for your email, look no further.

SpamStopsHere blocks 99.5% of spam and delivers 99.999% of legitimate email, reduces the load on your servers up to 80% and stops spam and viruses in the cloud, before it can damage your business. SpamStopsHere provides enterprise level security for clients worldwide including financial, healthcare HIPAA, government, legal and other leading industries.

The Next-Generation Cloud Security includes advanced Zero-Day Cyber Attack Protection and Malware Filters that guard the enterprise from dangerous security threats. Powerful filters protect against malware phishing attacks that are stopped before they can harm your business.

SpamStopsHere spam filter is compatible with most business email, including Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2011. You can use it with Zimbra, Outlook, webmail and more. It's also an excellent Postini replacement with superior performance comparison.

 Secure Email Communications

 SpamStopsHere is the leading multi-layer filtering technology that blocks more spam and delivers more good email, out of the box, with no tuning necessary. Proprietary URL, Phone, Phrase and Pattern filters maximize spam detection and minimize false positives better than typical Bayesian / Heuristic antispam.

 Drastically Reduces Server Loads and Email Clutter

 Immediate ROI. Blocking spam in the cloud reduces the amount of email coming into your servers, by up to 80% or more. That's a lot of wasted bandwidth costing your business time and money. And, no more email spam on your mobile devices. 

 Protect Your Business

 Incoming spam, phishing scams and and email-borne viruses are as dangerous as they are annoying. Sophisticated spear phishing scams are being targeted at executives to steal corporate bank account and credit card information.

 Protect Your Reputation

To protect your business reputation, outbound filtering prevents employees from accidentally sending out spam or forwarding virus or phishing scams. Reports provide useful information for security and compliance on spam, threats and overall email usage. 

To sign up for SpamStopsHere service from Hidden Lakes Tech Support, call Carl at (925) 368-9500